For Better Sex, Change the Setting

Sex in the bedroom. There's nothing like it, but would not a new setting make for a nice change – and perhaps some better sex as well? Healthy men who take appropriate penis health measures are often anxious to explore new sexual avenues, and finding intriguing places in which to couple can be one of the most rewarding paths to better sex, especially for partners who have been together for a substantial period of time .

Set the setting

A "new setting" can mean different things to different people. While a whole new location can be nice, sometimes a person can find better sex simply by making a few alterations.

Let's start with the bedroom. There are easy ways to take this traditional lovemaking location and change it into a new setting. For example, lying on some sleek satin sheets can alter the sexual experience. Add mood lighting (whether candles or a red light), softly inviting music, and a little aromatherapy. And just like that, what was once an ordinary bedroom has become a pleasure palace.

Stay close

A new setting may also simply mean a new location in the same home. If the bedroom has seen more than its share of action, why not see just how comfortable that living room sofa is – or that living room rug in front of the fireplace?

The bathroom can be a great place for sex, especially if the tub or shower is spacious enough for two. And indulging in a little coupling while preparing dinner makes the kitchen a place that can satisfy quite a variety of appetites.

Go out

But for many, a new setting means something in a location far outside the boundaries of home. There are some tried-and-true options that most people can easily manage – in the car or in a lovely hotel room. (Talk about outstanding room service!)

Those who want something more adventurous have plenty of options. The following are just a few to consider:

– In the wild. Outdoor sex can be a mind-blowing experience. Making love in a forest or a field of tall grass can bring out the wild side and most animalistic impulses. Of course, it's important to do this someplace truly secluded; otherwise, consider compromising by making out in a tent instead.

– At the movies. Again, caution needs to be exercised, for public sex is a legal no-no. But if the theatre is fairly deserted and seats in a secluded corner can be found, a lot of fun can be had. Intercourse? Not very likely, but there can be an opportunity for some significant manual stimulation of each other.

– Behind a waterfall. Again, it 's important not to get caught – and also not to slip and fall! But a large enough waterfall can provide a protective curtain for a quickie. As a bonus, getting equipment out of a swimsuit is easier than removing trousers or skirts.

– Rolling in the hay. Have access to an active barn? Going for a literal roll in the hay may be a little scratchy, but it can really get the engines revved up – for both partners.

Good penis health means better sex

Of course, setting is not the only factor in having better sex. For guys, it's important 's That the member is good and healthy, so daily application of a superior penis health the crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, Which is Clinically proven to mild and safe for skin) shouldnt be part of every man's health routine. Since blood flow is crucial to proper penile functioning, it's best to select a crème that contains L-arginine. Post why? Because this amino acid is part of the process that encourages proper dilation of penile blood vessels, thus allowing blood to flow more easily into the penis when the signal is sent. A suitable crème should also contain vitamin C, a key component of collagen, which is beneficial to penile erections. With a good penis health crème, a man is more likely to be set for new adventures in new settings.