6 Sports that are Safe for Heart Disease

To maintain health, exercise needs to be done regularly. Especially for people with diseases that require special attention, such as people with heart disease for example.

Heart disease is one type of non-communicable disease that is very threatening. This disease is the second most common cause of death in Indonesia, after stroke.

Therefore, it is important for people with heart disease to continue to maintain and monitor their health conditions. Exercise, which has been known to be difficult for people with heart disease can actually be a way to maintain health. As long as the type of exercise that is safe for heart disease is chosen properly.


The first safe exercise for heart disease is walking. Walking can be done easily, without requiring expensive costs.

Do not underestimate the movement of walking. Because this exercise can increase heart rate, improve blood flow, and reduce high blood pressure. Walking can be done with a duration of 30 minutes per session, with a distance of at least 1 kilometer.

Light Jogging

If you are used to walking, then there is nothing wrong with asking a doctor’s approval to increase the level of difficulty in exercising by doing light jogging.

Sprinting steps can further increase your heart rate, triggering endorphins that make you feel happy and adrenaline that makes you excited.

You can do light jogging with a duration of 75 minutes to 150 minutes per week, or with a shorter duration than that according to your body’s ability.

Casual Cycling

Lately, cycling has become a hit sport that is being loved by many people. For those of you with heart disease, this exercise can also be tried.

Because, cycling has benefits for stabilizing the heart rate, lowering cholesterol, improving blood circulation, and strengthening the heart muscle.


Yoga can also be a safe exercise option for heart disease during this pandemic, because it can be done at home.

With yoga, you get the benefits of meditation, improve breathing techniques, and stabilize the heart rate through its movements. That way, physical and mental recovery of the body can be improved.

In addition, yoga can also trigger the improvement of the heart’s autonomic nervous system, reduce inflammation, prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease, and lower cholesterol.

Tai Chi

You may still be a bit unfamiliar with this safe exercise for heart disease. However, this sport is actually highly recommended because the movements are easy to do.

Tai Chi is a typical Chinese sport that consists of several light stretching movements at a slow tempo. The benefits of the body will be more elastic, stronger heart muscles, improve breathing techniques, lower blood pressure, increase concentration, and relieve stress.

Just like yoga, tai chi can also be done at home, so you don’t have to go outside to exercise during this pandemic.


Finally, you can get used to swimming as a safe sport for common heart disease. For example, patients with heart failure.

Swimming is good for stabilizing the heart rate, lowering high blood pressure, improving blood flow, relieving arthritis, and making breathing better.