Free Resources for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Kids

Deaf and hard of hearing children, like all children, deserve access to quality education, communication, and resources that can help them thrive. Fortunately, there are numerous free resources available to support the unique needs of deaf and hard of hearing children, helping them achieve their full potential. In this article, we will explore some of these valuable resources.

hearing children

1. Educational Websites

  • Starfall: Starfall offers a variety of free educational games and activities designed to improve reading and literacy skills.
  • PBS Kids: PBS Kids provides an array of educational content, including videos and interactive games, with closed captioning available for many programs.
  • Read Write Think: This website offers free resources to improve reading and writing skills, with interactive tools and lesson plans.

2. Sign Language Resources

  • ASL Pro: ASL Pro is a comprehensive American Sign Language (ASL) resource with video dictionaries and lessons.
  • SignSchool: SignSchool offers free ASL lessons and interactive quizzes, making it an excellent resource for learning sign language.
  • Signing Savvy: This website provides an extensive ASL sign language dictionary with video demonstrations.

3. Captioned Videos and Movies

  • YouTube: Many YouTube videos offer closed captions or subtitles, making it a valuable resource for educational content and entertainment.
  • Netflix: Netflix offers a growing library of movies and TV shows with closed captioning or subtitles, making it more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing viewers.

4. Communication Apps

  • WhatsApp: WhatsApp allows users to send and receive text messages, voice messages, and make video calls, making it a versatile communication tool for deaf and hard of hearing individuals.
  • Google Meet: Google Meet offers live captions during video meetings, improving accessibility for users.

5. Educational Apps

  • Duolingo: Duolingo offers language learning courses, including sign language options like ASL and British Sign Language (BSL).
  • ABCmouse: ABCmouse provides a comprehensive early learning app with activities and games that can benefit deaf and hard of hearing children.

6. Educational Organizations

  • Gallaudet University: Gallaudet University offers free educational resources, including lesson plans and videos, for teaching and learning about deaf culture and American Sign Language.
  • National Deaf Center: The National Deaf Center provides resources and tools to support the success of deaf individuals in education and the workforce.

7. Libraries and Audiobooks

  • LibriVox: LibriVox offers free audiobooks, including many classic literature titles, which can be beneficial for reading comprehension.
  • Local Libraries: Public libraries often provide access to a wide range of audiobooks and digital resources.


Deaf and hard of hearing children deserve equal access to education and communication tools to thrive academically and socially. These free resources offer valuable support for their unique needs. Whether it’s learning sign language, accessing educational content, or enjoying entertainment with closed captions, these resources empower deaf and hard of hearing children to learn, grow, and connect with the world around them.

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